Assignment Bank- #2

The assignment I chose for my second one was under the writing section and it was created by Jim Groom, it was to write a movie review and you can use pictures and GIF’s to describe it, would I give it a thumbs up or down, ratings, etc. Sticking to the 80’s theme I decided to pick a movie from the 80’s and review it.

Movie Review for The Goonies:

The Goonies is a fun filled, family appropriate, adventure, semi-thriller movie. After watching the movie several times I would say that this is one I could continuously watch and still find entertaining and funny. Directed by the wonderful and famous Steven Spielberg, this movie is nothing less than an adventure. Featuring younger children and teenagers it appeals to a middle school through adulthood based viewer. The children who label themselves as the “Goonies” find themselves discovering the long held town secret, looking for pirates buried gold. What they didn’t estimate was the way they were going to come about this journey and what it would take them through, and who would be joining them. After being gone for a day or so their parents start to worry about them, and for a good reason. An underground adventure with traps, criminals chasing them, lost golds and treasures leads to a bond between these kids. Overall I would recommend this movie for children or teens but I would say it is appropriate for a family movie night as well. It is funny, thrilling, but also cute.

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Daily Creates Post #2

The topic for today was to create a haiku about your location using the locator it gave you. Well when I looked at it I was near the track for practice so what better thing to make a haiku about than my daily activity. I am on the varsity track and field team for UMW. Also I haven’t written a haiku in a while so I definitely had to look up the constraints to writing one, I hope I wasn’t the only one.

Dream House

For the first assignment bank option of the week I chose one that told us to create a pinterest board for your dream room. Since the theme for the course is the 80’s I thought it would be very simple to create a 80’s themed room, and cool too. This was very different them my normal style which is a more grey, white, tans, simple but chic kind of vibe. I like white in rooms as it brightens it up, some plants but modern as well. With creating this board I found that it was simple since I have been using pinterest for years and even ended up using an account I made in middle school for a school project. Pinterest is so simple because all of the pictures and ideas were there, you just have to save them. I would describe my 80’s themed room as a typical girls room. I have A LOT of neon. I think neon is a really cool theme and I actually want a neon sign for my room I just haven’t been able to find one so that is something I wanted to incorporate. So yes, this room screams NEON. Also a very teenage girl vibe, posters everywhere, mirrors, makeup, clothes racks and posters. I wanted to make it a fun vibe since I wouldnt normally do this for my room. One cool touch I saw was the idea for the windows, they are tainted neon colors but can flip open to let fresh air in, and they also spread across one huge wall. I think as a teen in the 80’s this would be easy and a good idea for sneaking out so of course I had to incorporate it because that is what I think about with the 80s. The posters covering the walls of bands and popstars scrams 80’s to me along with stickers. I will be adding more as the week goes on but if you want to take a look here is the link to the pinteresst board. I really liked this assignment because I am familiar with the application and I go on pinterest and save things a lot in my own free time.

Daily Creates Post #2

Today’s prompt was to create a response to Facebook’s VP of Public Policy with a GIF. My response to this was the spongebob meme with his hand on his hips. I thought it was funny because whenever I’m making fun of or just sarcastically agreeing with something over text I tend to use this response.

Daily Creates Post #1 for week of 1/20

Todays prompt was to create something that pertained to the chicken or the egg. I wasn’t sure what to do for this since I’m not creative enough to make a meme and I dont think we were supposed to just google a picture. So, what do I turn to as an answer? Food. My roommate and I made omelets and I thought we recorded it which I thought was pretty funny. My editing isnt the best I just threw it together on iMovie and we failed in the end but it was still funny to make. I posted it on twitter under the hashtags but here is a direct link. Hope you guys find it as funny as we did.

Weekly Summary #1

What I learned this week:

This week was a little bit confusing for me with knowing what to do regarding the 80’s suggestion box. The show that I ended up watching for inspiration but also using as my recommendation was The Goldberg’s. I have watched this for years with my family and recommend it to anyone, it is great to watch alone or with friends but family friendly as well. It is about a family of 6 and their life in the 80’s. I think its interesting because their children are around the same age as I am but also they go through similar struggles I do in modern times and it also is a comedy so I do catch myself laughing frequently. What I learned about the 80’s from watching this show is that the 80’s for them was a lot about using new technologies that came out, things in schools changing in the system but also the fashion and music industries evolving as well.

My Links and Experience:

With setting up my social media and blog this week I didnt struggle too much. Everything beside soundcloud I use on a pretty regular basis but I was familiar with all of the platforms. The only thing that I will have to play around with and maybe go get help on is this blog. I have not used a blog since last year first semester so I am a little rusty with the features and how to personalize it. Below I have included all of my social media links for the class.


Hi everyone, this is my first post/introduction to the class. My name is Yulemi Martinez and I am a senior Sociology major. This is my last semester at UMW. I am from Richmond, Va and excited for this last semster.