Read and Reflect

One of the big things that stuck out to me after reading the article interviewing designed Chip Kidd was when he said “Whether you realize it or not, most of the decisions you make, every day, are by design” and “Everything that is not made by nature is designed by someone”. To me that stuck out because those are not everyday thoughts that I have or think about in that way, more something I am just realizing now and am being reminded of after reading. It is almost a trippy effect and a slap in the face sense of reality. I agree with Kidd and this is something that is going to make me look at things differently from now on. You could say in a sense I learned that about design, that it creates everything and that nature is not the creator but rather man made, of a lot of things. I also learned from one of the diagrams about color combining and I always thought this concept was interesting and I didn’t know how interior designers or example were able to combine two colors I had never even thought of and make it look good. For example there is a reason why blues, purples, and greens are typically matched up together, because of their cool and calm tones.

Beat It

The third audio assignment I chose was to pick a song that you like or means a lot to you. I chose the song Beat it by Michael Jackson, a classic but I was only able to easily find the instrumental version for download. Still when its included in my audio everyone knows what it is because its so recognizable. This goes along with out 80’s theme and you’ll hear more in the audacity recording why I like it but it just brings back good memories.

Weekly Summary

This week was very different then the others because it was all audio based which I have never had experienced for a class this much before. Previously to this week I had used audacity before only a couple times, so this week was a lot of learning about how to use it. I feel like I am now more educated and way more proficient with using audacity. I did this by using my prior knowledge on it and looking up youtube videos and googling my issues because I didn’t want to make a trip to the DKC for this. I now feel more comfortable using audacity going forward. This also goes for soundcloud. I never really used it but was familiar with what it is and it was very easy to use to my surprise so I think I am good with using it from now on and its so easy that I really like it.

Now a big focus of this week was the stories we listened to in audio form. I have never done this before and it was an interesting and eyeopening experience. It was very new to me and I am a big movie person so I’m just used to watching films and the sounds just add to the pictures. Listening to only audio and not having anything to look at really made me rely on the sounds and images they provoked. I liked it and found it amazing that someone’s sounds and descriptions could paint such a vivid picture in my mind and didn’t make me think like oh I should just be watching a movie instead. I liked the Moon Graffiti audio because it’s a made up event but hearing the tone in their voices really made it realistic and gave me chills. Same with the ds106 radio I think its so cool that we even have something like this and that our own creations could be part of this.

All of my assignments for the week are on my soundcloud and twitter which I have linked below! I really liked the audio assignment of creating an everyday sound in no more than 90 seconds. I used a lot this week to get the free sounds and it was very easy to use. Hope yall like my creations!

Sound effects

The second assignment bank prompt I chose was “Sound effects” which asks you to upload your own sound to Preferably one that hasn’t been done before. This one was challenging because I really had to think of an uncommon sound which took me a while. Every sound I thought of I would look up and find it. I thought maybe something on your phone like a sound specific to an app wouldn’t have been done and then I decided to do a facetime call. No one had done this before so it was perfect. This is the sound you hear when you are facetiming someone and waiting for them to answer. I uploaded my sound to and am waiting approval. It is called “facetime”. For now you can listen to my sound on soundcloud. I made the sound using audacity and recording it wasn’t hard. It was just hard finding the mic and I tried several times because it would either be too loud and muffly or too far away.

Grocery Store Trip

Trying to think of a story to make with sound effects was hard, the first thing I thought of was waking up routine but that was listed as something not to do. I made this while eating dinner and I thought what better thing to do then a trip to the grocery store. This can be applied to the 80’s theme as well. I used this website to find the sounds and all the sounds were free to download and easy to find. See if you can recognize the sounds and follow along with the store. For editing I used audacity.

Daily Creates #2

Today I created a “smelfie”. I didn’t want to make a map per say of what I was smelling but these are the scents I smelt while laying in my bed this morning before class. I don’t think we always just stop, close our eyes, and appreciate the warm smells around us.

Moon Graffiti

After listening to Moon Graffiti created by The Truth Podcast I am even more on board but also kind of amazed and creeped out by these radio stories. From the beginning you get a good sense of the setting because of the voice effect, they are talking over a radio and you can hear that in the voices. Also hearing what space would sound like and the eerie yet emptiness of the space is captured through sounds. As Neil and Buzz are accessing the situation you really feel like you are watching a movie. You can tell what they are doing because of their words and descriptions of what they are doing but also the sounds, them opening the door and stepping out to access the moon but put the flag in, the flash of the camera when they take pictures. Sound drives stories by adding to the scene, you can already picture what is happening but hearing familiar sounds adds to it. Listening to the tone of their voice and hearing the emotions that they are expressing intensifies the audio and creates the proud but upsetting atmosphere, as they say their final words, make their death plans, leave their footprints behind, and say their goodbyes. Like Jad Abumrad said, the storyteller was able to make it seem like there was a circle of people and we were all just sitting and listening to him. The tone in their voice and their descriptions of what they see and their actions paints a vivid picture for the audience.

Ds106 Radio

Tonight I tuned into the Ds106 to listen in and I was truly shocked and in awe of what I heard. Jad Abumrad was right when he said that just with sounds and descriptions someone can paint a vivid picture in your mind. When listening about the encounters in the wild and all of the beautiful things he saw but also the way we heard it as well with the sounds of glaciers and birds, nature is beautiful and hearing it is just a whole different level. The story was good, I’ve never heard a story like this kind before, I’ve listened to podcasts but never a storytelling radio station and I liked the hiphop before too haha. I was able to tweet throughout the story and looking back on it and the ones from my classmates as well we were all just starstruck by the sounds. I was expecting to just have someone talking to me and telling me a story but really like Jad Abumrad said, the storyteller was able to make it seem like there was a circle of people and we were all just sitting and listening to him. I would recommend this experience to everybody and am excited to listen to more and maybe even make my own in the future. I think that storytelling is sometimes overlooked and its crazy how descriptions and sounds can paint such a good image in your head and create a whole narrative from not even looking at a movie or picture.


Prior to this class I had used audacity a handful of times so I thought I had the swing of it. Well I was wrong, I couldn’t figure out how to make the background sound less intense and quieter than my recording so I had to be kind of loud and recorded a couple times. Then exporting was an issue because it wouldnt export as an MP3 so I did MP2 and luckily it worked out. Figuring out what to say wasn’t hard it was more finding the right sound and then getting it to download. I used the website freesound which was very easy all I had to do was make a free account to download the sound. The radiobite is on my soundcloud, hope yall like it!