Week 14 Summary

This week was the last week of class and I can’t believe we made it. It’s been such a busy and jam packed week with all of the assignments and projects going on right now but to say I completed this course is a something I am proud of. I have learned so much about the world of digital storytelling and all that can be done with creating media. I’ve not only learned how to use different social media platforms to this extent but I also learned editing tricks and websites I can use for future projects and assignments. I’ve also learned new skills with the internet and website I can put on my resume and now feel confident in using. This week I focused on my final project and all that it entailed which was a lot of storytelling on all of my platforms, instagram, soundcloud, and the blog. What that entailed was posting pictures on my instagram to tell the story ad then recording an audio using audacity and editing it for soundlcloud and finally posting on my beloved blog that I’ve learned to navigate through the semester. I’m really proud of the work I created and the growth it shows in my skills. I hope everyone will check it out and enjoy it as much as I do. Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

Final Project Summary

The final exam was very open ended which was a hard concept for me. Usually I do best when everything is laid out and I have specific requirements to meet, I’m also not very creative so the idea daunted on me for a while. I thought about it and after hearing from friends and talking to Professor Bond, I felt it was best to go through the route of a pandemic. As listed before in my post last week outlining things, I stuck with the route of starting things on instagram, then recorded and audio story and finished things out on the blog. This project felt very realistic, as I was telling the story of my life in the beginning and looking back at old memories and photos of how things were before the virus and lockdown. The plot to the story thickens when things turn apocalyptic but by the way things are doing right now, it feels like the rest of the year could look like this. I spent a lot of time thinking of ways to make it realistic and what details to add but also making it a story and what did I really see for the future. I also think this helped me get out worries and feelings I truly have about the virus and our futures while utilizing different platforms throughout it all.


I had created a pandemic instagram for this all which i called my “pandemic instagram” and there is where I posted my “life” before the virus and what it looked like in the beginning. This touched on my photo skills and trying to get not only realistic ones but ones that would go with the story line and explain everyday life before it, but also the captions I added.


I knew part of the final I wanted to complete using audio. I really enjoyed creating the radio show and feel that throughout the course I have gotten a lot better at editing through audacity and was able to complete 17 minutes of audio and put them all together with ease. This is something I struggled with in the beginning but now I accounted for around 5 months of lock down and what turned into a semi apocalyptic pandemic.

Blog Posts

The final portion of my pandemic story I told through a series of blog posts which were easy to manage and after reading them you will understand why this is the route I chose to end things on.

January 2021

Things are somewhat back to normal civilization. My family got the vaccine and my grandparents bodies rejected it but we just had to let them rest and try with the medicines and herbs we had left to cure their bodies. Only my grandma made it through this. At this point I don’t even know how to express all the hurt and sadness I have. I’ve been shutting it all out for the sake of everyone for almost the past year but watching my family members die in front of me, I don’t think I’ll ever recover from that.

People are starting to go back to work though. Since the state of Maryland had gotten every household vaccinated the grocery stores were able to open up. Its taken them two weeks just to get all of the shelves up, fixes the broken windows and everything that was smashed, and rehire people, as many of their employees didn’t survive these last 6 months. My dad was able to return to work and so was my grandma. We have so many bills to catch up on and I’m looking for the best way to make money right now. Bills, funeral arrangements, food, fixing up the cars and the house after being broken into, all of my mom an grandpas arrangements that need to be made, this is just going to be a lot and I don’t know how long it’ll take for things to really be back to normal. I don’t think things will ever feel normal after this. I’ve finally been able to communicate with friends and family, my uncle didn’t make it and neither did my roommates parents. The real impact we are feeling right now is the millions of people not with us anymore. The empty desks at work, the thousand less cars on the road, no more of your regular customers or even doctors and dentists. Everything that this world is missing is going to be hard to start a normal life with again.

Looking back on this all, I can’t believe I survived, physically and mentally. This is something that goes down in history but that will change me forever. I think theres going to be years of working through this an every night I wake up with the worst night terrors. I am thankful for the family I still have and my own health but things will never be the same and that’s what I’m not ready to deal with. I don’t know how to continue life on from here or where to even start. The world is trying to build itself back up again but how can we.


The electricity bill got cut off, I couldn’t update anything for the past basically two months as we’re at the end of November. Things have changed, almost gotten better. I haven’t said that in months and its scary to even think about how everything is going to recover from this. The vaccine got to America but that didn’t stop everyone who was hungry and desperate from continuing to break into homes and kill for food. The government has started to administer the vaccines to the top 10% of Americans, the wealthiest. They’re making plans now and have labs going in every state to get on this as fast as possible. I hear theyre thinking of sending someone door to door to administer it. They say not eveyrone’s body is going to react to it the best and we have to wait and see how it takes it, but this is the only cure now and if this works for the majority of the population like it did in Spain, this is the best that its going to get. Hospitals are closed and supplies are drained so if our bodies reject it we have to try to cure ourselves at home and hope for the best. Hearing this warning that death can come from a vaccine and theres nothing that can be done about it is scary and were all going to have to hope and put our lives on the line. They also said once state has fully administered the vaccine then stores can start to open up.

September update

I had to stop recording audios, things got really bad and we were hiding in the basement at one point, so I had to stay quiet. We have almost nothing left to eat. We had to make our own funeral arrangements for my mother and out of respect for her and myself looking back on this in the future, I don’t even want to talk about what we did. Things got bad this month and it was basically every man for himself. You can’t depend on the military or government for your protection anymore. They tried to stop the riots but they weren’t being fed and were underpaid as well, they started turning on everyone else too and the military has been disbanded. I haven’t seen the sun in a month. My grandparents health is declining and I don’t know what more is left to do. I’m scared for my life right now and the worst part is, I have to be strong for everyone. I can’t even grieve my moms death or try to make things better for my family because staying safe is our main concern. I don’t even know if my uncle is still alive or if the rest of my family is. The streets look like a war zone, every car and home broken into. The grocery store windows smashed and bodies everywhere. We started our own war against our own people and theres nothing more to do. Hospitals are shutting down one by one, and cities like New York and L.A. are empty, everyone fled or they took their chances of staying there and trying to survive for their life. There’s been no news updates, we’ve only heard presidential meetings from an old radio. They say a scientist in Spain has found the vaccine and now its a race to get the information and supplies needed to recreate it. They don’t have a plan on how this is to be administered to everyone or who’s going to get it first. It’s all still a waiting game.

Final Project Outline

Overview: For the final project I wanted to focus on the theme of pandemics as this is what we are living through now. I feel that this theme can not only be relevant to times right now but also may relate to some other people and will be a project to look back on as it will have realistic day to day situations.

The basis for this story is the life of a teenage girl living through a pandemic. Starting from her life before it I will draw in the element of pictures and posters, visual representations of life before the pandemic. This will be displayed on the Instagram I created for the class and have already set up which is: pandemic Instagram.

I will then document her life through it and what it is like not only day to day, but how she is feeling and what her family is experiencing. This will either be through audios or videos in which for audios I will be using audacity and videos I will be recording on my phone and using movie maker on my computer to edit them. I will embed the audacity recordings to sound cloud and the video recordings to vimeo.

To end the pandemic series I will move the story to the blog and write as the person either at the end of the year reflecting on what just happened or looking back on it from a couple months after everything is finished.

Timeline of Events

Instagram / Photos:

  • Before the pandemic, having fun with friends, activities, daily life, family, birthdays, etc
  • Months 1 and 2 of the pandemic when things have not gotten rough yet, things are still new and people are unaware of what things will turn into
  • Life under “quarantine” but not under a lockdown

Video/Audio Recording

  • Depending on what platform I upload it to this will differ slightly
  • Monthly updates on what is happening
  • How things are starting to get worse globally
  • Slowly downhill but then accelerates, people around the neighborhood start getting sick
  • Mental health updates and well being
  • How they are coping with supplies and food, people in the family start to lose jobs, economy is going downhill, all around panic starts outside

Writing/Blog portion of it

  • Either going to be the last couple months so 10-12 or 10-14 and reflecting upon things after
  • Two scenarios I have thought to play out, family members in the household start to get sick and pass away including the person telling the story and she gets sick and either is recounting her last days or how she is feeling through all of this and the vulnerability
  • The world around them is crashing and its become an apocalyptic state, people are breaking into homes to steal supplies, America is in a free for all and you are trying to maintain safe and healthy
  • Second scenario is the family members start to die in the household and the person who is telling the story either gets sick or is living in bad conditions because everyone around her is sick and dying, supplies are running low worldwide and panic is starting to set in, but the day after her mother and grandparents die, a vaccine is created. She writes all of this as it happens in the last months and then comes back a month later and writes what life is like then, how the economy is trying to build itself back up and businesses are opening, the world is starting again with the loss of a million people, you notice that certain people are missing from jobs like that one cashier, the mailman, a couple professors, many celebrities, the person who greeted you at the lobby of your friends apartment, etc, etc

Weekly Summary

This week was very relaxed with the assignments which made me feel like I could have more fun with them.

The first mashup assignment I created was the animoji Karaoke. Both of my mashup assignments for the week had to do with emojis which I am similar with and can easily do from my iPhone. The first one was to make an animoji sing to a certain song which I detailed the instructions on my blog as to how to do it. Fairly easy. http://ds106.yulemimartinez.com/blog/uncategorized/animoji-karaoke/

The second assignment was comparing a friends face to an emoji which I thought was a really cute assignment because it was my baby cousin. http://ds106.yulemimartinez.com/blog/uncategorized/emoji-friends/

Here are my two mashup assignments for the week which had to do both with pets. I’m seeing a constant theme here.

Finally here are my daily creates for the week

This one I thought was important because this is exactly who we need to be keeping in mind and as I am quarantining with my grandparents I am extra cautious myself.

Remix #2: My pets

For this remix I chose a picture oriented assignment which was http://remix.ds106.us/generator/?aid=58377. The prompt was to make a collage but the twist on it was to add someone unexpected. Here is a collage of my puppies right now and the unexpected person is my brother, because sometimes younger siblings are like little pets lol. The app that I used to make this was a free collage editor on my phone and then I emailed myself the picutre.

The brown puppy is Luna and she is almost a year old, super cute Shipoo, and the brown and white puppy is Brooklyn, she is a crazy little 6 month old Shitzu.

Animals doing human like things

For the first remix assignment I decided to do this one http://remix.ds106.us/generator/?aid=59304. Originally it was to find a gif of an animal doing funny thigns but i chose to do one of an animal doing human like things. The remix part of it was to put country music in the background of it. This assignment was hard because I didn’t know how to add music to a gif. What I ended up doing was pulling up youtube in one tab and then in the other going to giphy.com and finding a gif of a dog doing a human like action.

I then played the music in the background from the youtube video which was Florida Georgia Line’s – Cruise, which i picked because its pretty popular. In the other tab I played the gif and screen recorded it so that would be the background music. Here is the finished product which I uploaded to vimeo.

Emoji Friends

For this assignment I had to look through my camera roll and try to find a picture of my friend mimicking one of the iPhone emojis. I don’t think about this when I’m trying to take a picture so I really had to try to think of emojis while looking through my camera roll. I finally settled on this cute picture of my baby cousin with sunglasses on, looking like the sunglasses emoji. I used the website https://www.photocollage.com/ to create a collage on my computer after I emailed myself the pictures. I got the emoji picture off of google.

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