Radio Show Ideas

Here are some of my radio show ideas, some are 80’s theme while others are just any topic that can be discussed, they’re pretty self explanatory but I would elaborate if anyone has questions

80’s theme:

  • 80’s movie review
  • 80’s fashion culture/ideas that shaped today’s fashion
  • missing people in the 80
  • Billboard top artist reviews
  • New/Top inventions of the month

Random themes:

  • Your personal weekly summary
  • Monthly favorites
  • One thing you want to try this month
  • Sports highlights (could go for 80’s theme as well)

Weekly Summary #4

This week the assignments I felt were a lot more open ended but interesting and I enjoyed them. One that I thought was interesting and I had never heard about but I think some teachers should start doing is the photoblitzer challenge. It was fun because it was like a challenge in the sense that you only had 20 minutes to complete it and it was random things, some that you had to find and others that were around you and you didnt even think of. My favorite weekly assignment was the one where I had to take pictures/put together pictures into a collage of my friends. Pictures I had taken without them noticing and when they were caught off guard.

Some of the links I used this week to create my work were

Unsuspecting friends

The final daily creates that I chose was to make a collage of pictures I’ve taken of my friends when they werent paying attention. I liked this assignment because it was easy but also fun and it was funny looking back at memories. It was kind of hard to find pictures because I normally take videos of my friends when theyre not paying attention but I managed to find some of my roommate and boyfriend. I created this with the app “Cute Collage” that I downloaded from the app store.

Star Rating: 2

Daily Creates #3

For my final daily creates post of the week the prompt was to create a form of media inspired by a fairytale. I decided to add a modern day twist to it so I hope someone gets my reference. I used the website to create the meme and it was really easy it even gave me two separate rows already installed to write text over the meme.

Colorize It

For my third assignment I chose colorize it which wanted you to take a picture youve already taken and change the colors in it to seem more unrealistic. I used the app “Color Pop” which I downloaded off the apple store on my iPhone. The app was okay, it dd its job but as you’ll be able to tell in the picture it doesnt let you get clean smooth shapes that dont have straight edges. You cant adjust the brush size so I just tried to do my best of not going outside the lines.

Weekly Assignment #2

For this assignment I also wanted to make it 80’s related and at first I was struggling to think of how to incorporate it. The assignment was to make a gif or street are or graffiti or look up a picture of one. Well when I looked up 80’s graffiti I didnt find much except for one picture of Will Smith and I remembered the intro of Fresh Prince of Bel Air so that is what I decided to include as my gif for this assignment.

Star Rating: 3

This is the link to the website where I got the gif from:

Weekly Assignment #1

The first assignment that I chose for this week was one that was combining two images together. I decided to put an 80’s theme twist on this and combined two 80’s prints. I thought that this assignment would go well with the 80’s twist because the first thing that came to mind to blend was either a pattern or one of the trends and then when looking up patterns I really liked these. The website I used to make this was very easy to use and I recommend it for future assignments.

Star Rating: 4