Animoji Karaoke

The first assignment I chose was comical to me and I think some cheering up everyone needs. The Animoji Karaoke is worth 5 STARS! This assignment was fairly easy I would say and is done on any updated version of the iPhone that includes animoji. I did this in my text messages and just sent it to myself.

  1. I picked a shark because I thought the wide mouth would go good with the lyrics in this song and really get the affect of holding a note for a long time. Also its a shark singing Don’t Stop Believin’ so that was great.
  2. I chose this song because it is well known and pretty well liked I would say, but also because it is the kind of positive attitude and cheering up we need in times like these.

Weekly Summary

Daily Creates:

Video Assignments: This week I continued the 10 stars video assignments which I found very enjoyable. I feel like there wasn’t stress added because I was able to chose what content I wanted to create and actually ended up doing what I think is funny and entertaining content. The first video I created was the more challenging one but its cool that I was able to react to a video that included my friends help and now I want to try to do that video again and see if i can improvise. The second assignment to me was funny and I think is what everyone needed to see this week because of all of the serious things going on right now. Sometimes comedic relief is needed and this video is something I can see myself adding onto in the future.

5 Seconds of fame: Tik Tok edition

This assignment was to create a short film of 5 seconds and try to make it funny. I was looking through my camera roll for videos and the shortest ones were usually tik toks I had made with my friends, I couldn’t chose just one that I thought was funny so what I did was compile two of the videos which are shorter than 5 seconds each into almost a “compilation video”. I did this using video editor on my computer and added a cover slide. The audio for the second video started to lag once I uploaded it to my computer so it plays earlier than the video. What you should actually be hearing is the loud bang at the time that my foot hits the wall because that’s exactly what happened. I thought these videos were funny and something light everyone needed for their week.

Video Response

For the first video assignment of the week I decided to film a “reaction” video like the youtubers do because I’ve watched them before but I also thought it would be cool. I asked my freind to send me a video to react to and she sent me this: . Which I have never watched before so I found it fit to react to and being that she had recommended it, I knew it had to be good.

For the filming and editing process: This took me a while, not only did I have to watch the video and film myself reacting to it, but editing took a while. Originally I was going to use a screen recording app on my computer and pull up the video but also a camera on the other side to record my reaction. This did not work as I only got my reaction filmed so instead I am linking the video. Once I started to edit my reaction I had to watch it all and go through and trim / split up clips which I did on the video editor app installed into my computer. What I would have done differently next time is try to include a screen recording of the youtube video so you guys can see what clips exactly I am reacting to.

Here is a screenshot of the video editing process and what things look like on my side

Project Ideas pt 2

After looking at all of the project idea suggestions some of them really stood out to me and made me reconsider what I would want to do for the final project.

  • transforming a youtube channel as if it were from the 80’s
  • baking differences from the 80’s to now, I can’t bake but I think it would be interesting to look at
  • toys/games in the 80’s
  • a video/audio/podcast that goes through the plagues/pandemics, etc that our world has seen

Weekly Summary

This week was different since the emphasis was placed on videos and I’m used to more audio recording projects. The daily creates though I really enjoyed especially the one about the name brands that you are wearing right now. With the video projects I found them very easy to do because I chose things that I was familiar with or passionate about and so it wasn’t a hassle. The assignment that took me the longest out of those would have to be the movie trailer as I had some difficulty uploading it to platforms since it was so long but I got to watch a movie I liked so I cant complain. I would say the hardest assignment of the week would have to be the movie essay. It took me a while to record the scenes and edit them together, and once I did that I then had to record the voice over on audacity and add that in which was a whole other struggle in and of itself. I would say the easiest thing was uploading it to vimeo.

Video Essay:

Daily Creates:

Video Assignments:

Video Essay

The film I decided to analyze was “The Goonies”. This was one of the few films I could find free online that was from the 80’s and that I was familiar with, as I would know what scenes would be good to look at. I know that it was recommended to chose a film that you weren’t familiar with but I have never analyzed any editing, lighting, or camera techniques throughout this film and so I thought it would be cool to watch it again and look for those things. I used a screen recording app that’s actually used for video games and streaming but is the version of screen recording on a windows. I then used a free movie editor app on my computer to put the clips together and watched the film while recording an audacity file to use that as the voice over. This process took about two hours and a lot of time, patience, googling, and figuring things out with editing apps. I then made a vimeo account which was really easy and uploaded my video essay.

Time Lapse

For this assignment I modified it a little bit, being that I can’t go back to this location because of the circumstances right now. Before the whole virus sent us home I had taken a time lapse of my team mates and I at practice. I am on the UMW track and field team and I am a thrower. I thought it was cool to show you guys what a practice looks like for us. While the point of this assignment is to see what a location looks like at different times of the day, you can see the clouds moving throughout the time lapse.

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Spoiler Alert!

The second assignment I completed was the Spoiler Alert one. What you had to do was make a trailer of a movie but instead of leaving the mystery to the audience, you had to include the basis of the movie and the most important scenes, essentially creating a spoiler alert trailer for the movie. I knew I had to chose a movie that I was familiar with and I had watched many times, essentially being able to create my own movie trailer in my head. I chose the movie Dumplin’ on Netflix because I enjoyed the movie but also watched it a lot. Netflix doesn’t let you screen record so I had to use my phone to record so I had to record the movie off of my phone. Once I had recorded the important scenes I then used iMovie to put them all together. I tried to upload it to the blog but being that it was almost 6 minutes long, it was too big to upload so I put it on IGTV through my Instagram because the clip was too long for twitter.

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Dumplin Spoiler Alert

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