Daily Creates Post #2

Today’s prompt was to create a response to Facebook’s VP of Public Policy with a GIF. My response to this was the spongebob meme with his hand on his hips. I thought it was funny because whenever I’m making fun of or just sarcastically agreeing with something over text I tend to use this response.

Daily Creates Post #1 for week of 1/20

Todays prompt was to create something that pertained to the chicken or the egg. I wasn’t sure what to do for this since I’m not creative enough to make a meme and I dont think we were supposed to just google a picture. So, what do I turn to as an answer? Food. My roommate and I made omelets and I thought we recorded it which I thought was pretty funny. My editing isnt the best I just threw it together on iMovie and we failed in the end but it was still funny to make. I posted it on twitter under the hashtags but here is a direct link. Hope you guys find it as funny as we did.

Weekly Summary #1

What I learned this week:

This week was a little bit confusing for me with knowing what to do regarding the 80’s suggestion box. The show that I ended up watching for inspiration but also using as my recommendation was The Goldberg’s. I have watched this for years with my family and recommend it to anyone, it is great to watch alone or with friends but family friendly as well. It is about a family of 6 and their life in the 80’s. I think its interesting because their children are around the same age as I am but also they go through similar struggles I do in modern times and it also is a comedy so I do catch myself laughing frequently. What I learned about the 80’s from watching this show is that the 80’s for them was a lot about using new technologies that came out, things in schools changing in the system but also the fashion and music industries evolving as well.

My Links and Experience:

With setting up my social media and blog this week I didnt struggle too much. Everything beside soundcloud I use on a pretty regular basis but I was familiar with all of the platforms. The only thing that I will have to play around with and maybe go get help on is this blog. I have not used a blog since last year first semester so I am a little rusty with the features and how to personalize it. Below I have included all of my social media links for the class.


Hi everyone, this is my first post/introduction to the class. My name is Yulemi Martinez and I am a senior Sociology major. This is my last semester at UMW. I am from Richmond, Va and excited for this last semster.