Final Project Outline

Overview: For the final project I wanted to focus on the theme of pandemics as this is what we are living through now. I feel that this theme can not only be relevant to times right now but also may relate to some other people and will be a project to look back on as it will have realistic day to day situations.

The basis for this story is the life of a teenage girl living through a pandemic. Starting from her life before it I will draw in the element of pictures and posters, visual representations of life before the pandemic. This will be displayed on the Instagram I created for the class and have already set up which is: pandemic Instagram.

I will then document her life through it and what it is like not only day to day, but how she is feeling and what her family is experiencing. This will either be through audios or videos in which for audios I will be using audacity and videos I will be recording on my phone and using movie maker on my computer to edit them. I will embed the audacity recordings to sound cloud and the video recordings to vimeo.

To end the pandemic series I will move the story to the blog and write as the person either at the end of the year reflecting on what just happened or looking back on it from a couple months after everything is finished.

Timeline of Events

Instagram / Photos:

  • Before the pandemic, having fun with friends, activities, daily life, family, birthdays, etc
  • Months 1 and 2 of the pandemic when things have not gotten rough yet, things are still new and people are unaware of what things will turn into
  • Life under “quarantine” but not under a lockdown

Video/Audio Recording

  • Depending on what platform I upload it to this will differ slightly
  • Monthly updates on what is happening
  • How things are starting to get worse globally
  • Slowly downhill but then accelerates, people around the neighborhood start getting sick
  • Mental health updates and well being
  • How they are coping with supplies and food, people in the family start to lose jobs, economy is going downhill, all around panic starts outside

Writing/Blog portion of it

  • Either going to be the last couple months so 10-12 or 10-14 and reflecting upon things after
  • Two scenarios I have thought to play out, family members in the household start to get sick and pass away including the person telling the story and she gets sick and either is recounting her last days or how she is feeling through all of this and the vulnerability
  • The world around them is crashing and its become an apocalyptic state, people are breaking into homes to steal supplies, America is in a free for all and you are trying to maintain safe and healthy
  • Second scenario is the family members start to die in the household and the person who is telling the story either gets sick or is living in bad conditions because everyone around her is sick and dying, supplies are running low worldwide and panic is starting to set in, but the day after her mother and grandparents die, a vaccine is created. She writes all of this as it happens in the last months and then comes back a month later and writes what life is like then, how the economy is trying to build itself back up and businesses are opening, the world is starting again with the loss of a million people, you notice that certain people are missing from jobs like that one cashier, the mailman, a couple professors, many celebrities, the person who greeted you at the lobby of your friends apartment, etc, etc

Weekly Summary

This week was very relaxed with the assignments which made me feel like I could have more fun with them.

The first mashup assignment I created was the animoji Karaoke. Both of my mashup assignments for the week had to do with emojis which I am similar with and can easily do from my iPhone. The first one was to make an animoji sing to a certain song which I detailed the instructions on my blog as to how to do it. Fairly easy.

The second assignment was comparing a friends face to an emoji which I thought was a really cute assignment because it was my baby cousin.

Here are my two mashup assignments for the week which had to do both with pets. I’m seeing a constant theme here.

Finally here are my daily creates for the week

This one I thought was important because this is exactly who we need to be keeping in mind and as I am quarantining with my grandparents I am extra cautious myself.

Weekly Summary

Daily Creates:

Video Assignments: This week I continued the 10 stars video assignments which I found very enjoyable. I feel like there wasn’t stress added because I was able to chose what content I wanted to create and actually ended up doing what I think is funny and entertaining content. The first video I created was the more challenging one but its cool that I was able to react to a video that included my friends help and now I want to try to do that video again and see if i can improvise. The second assignment to me was funny and I think is what everyone needed to see this week because of all of the serious things going on right now. Sometimes comedic relief is needed and this video is something I can see myself adding onto in the future.

Weekly Summary

This week was different since the emphasis was placed on videos and I’m used to more audio recording projects. The daily creates though I really enjoyed especially the one about the name brands that you are wearing right now. With the video projects I found them very easy to do because I chose things that I was familiar with or passionate about and so it wasn’t a hassle. The assignment that took me the longest out of those would have to be the movie trailer as I had some difficulty uploading it to platforms since it was so long but I got to watch a movie I liked so I cant complain. I would say the hardest assignment of the week would have to be the movie essay. It took me a while to record the scenes and edit them together, and once I did that I then had to record the voice over on audacity and add that in which was a whole other struggle in and of itself. I would say the easiest thing was uploading it to vimeo.

Video Essay:

Daily Creates:

Video Assignments:

Radio Show weekly summary

This week for our radio show we had some difficulties with school being closed but also personal difficulties with group members. We had plans to meet up and record everything but with school being moved online this was not able to happen. With this being said our group decided that we would on our own record everything separately and one of us would gather all of the audios together and upload them. I had already recorded the sound bite for the radio show last week as one of the audio assignments so it made the process very easily. I had also uploaded my logo to our shared word document last week as well so all of my team members had access to it. Earlier in the week I had done research on my criminal and written up a 5-7 minute script of what I would share about him. This helped a lot when the recording process came because I was able to read off of my script and did not have to worry about what I was going to sat. Once all of this was done I sent all of my work over to my group member in order to have them combine the recordings together. We are still in the process of gathering all of this information from our group and therefore I do not have the link available yet.

Weekly Summary

This week was focused on the project and creating all of the content for it. I think now doing assignments geared towards it makes things a lot easier. Having to have all of the info for the project submitted made my group and I get together so I feel better about my group. We also split up all of the work. I took advantage of the audio assignments for the week and made them geared towards the radio show which helped a lot because I now have the logo created and the radio bumper I was assigned. You can check out all of my daily creates on my twitter, I would have to say my favorite one was the architecture because I could show off my twilight fan side. You can also listen to my radio bumper and two minute recap of Pablo Escobar’s life on my soundcloud.

Weekly Summary

This week in ds106 the focus was on design, design elements, and design assignments. I started off the week by summarizing what I learned from the Kidd article about design elements, specifically colors. I always wondered how interior designers could pick two random colors and make them look so good together. From diagrams I learned what tones went together and why. Then I had a lot of fun creating the design assignments from the assignment bank for this week. My favorite 80’s themed one was the “Missing Person” flyer because I am familiar with these flyers as I watch a lot of crime videos. I picked Stephanie Tanner from Full House because of her recognizable face and I thought she was a popular character from the 80’s. I also enjoyed the story telling through pictures assignment because I showed the process of throwing which was cool to look at personally because I could analyze my throw but also I had never broken a video down like that into pictures. I completed the Design Blitz assignment with pictures of my dog, signs around my apartment, my tattoo, and a bag I saw at target. That was my last post so you can check that out on my blog or on my instagram. The three Daily Creates for this week are located on my twitter, and my favorite one was the last meal because of the gif i embed. I chose a variety of my favorite foods but the gif included chicken tenders, fries, and my favorite dipping sauce which is honey mustard.



Weekly Summary

This week was very different then the others because it was all audio based which I have never had experienced for a class this much before. Previously to this week I had used audacity before only a couple times, so this week was a lot of learning about how to use it. I feel like I am now more educated and way more proficient with using audacity. I did this by using my prior knowledge on it and looking up youtube videos and googling my issues because I didn’t want to make a trip to the DKC for this. I now feel more comfortable using audacity going forward. This also goes for soundcloud. I never really used it but was familiar with what it is and it was very easy to use to my surprise so I think I am good with using it from now on and its so easy that I really like it.

Now a big focus of this week was the stories we listened to in audio form. I have never done this before and it was an interesting and eyeopening experience. It was very new to me and I am a big movie person so I’m just used to watching films and the sounds just add to the pictures. Listening to only audio and not having anything to look at really made me rely on the sounds and images they provoked. I liked it and found it amazing that someone’s sounds and descriptions could paint such a vivid picture in my mind and didn’t make me think like oh I should just be watching a movie instead. I liked the Moon Graffiti audio because it’s a made up event but hearing the tone in their voices really made it realistic and gave me chills. Same with the ds106 radio I think its so cool that we even have something like this and that our own creations could be part of this.

All of my assignments for the week are on my soundcloud and twitter which I have linked below! I really liked the audio assignment of creating an everyday sound in no more than 90 seconds. I used a lot this week to get the free sounds and it was very easy to use. Hope yall like my creations!

Weekly Summary #4

This week the assignments I felt were a lot more open ended but interesting and I enjoyed them. One that I thought was interesting and I had never heard about but I think some teachers should start doing is the photoblitzer challenge. It was fun because it was like a challenge in the sense that you only had 20 minutes to complete it and it was random things, some that you had to find and others that were around you and you didnt even think of. My favorite weekly assignment was the one where I had to take pictures/put together pictures into a collage of my friends. Pictures I had taken without them noticing and when they were caught off guard.

Some of the links I used this week to create my work were

Weekly Summary

Writing this weekly summary for week 2 and looking back on all the activities I completed this week was definitely something different than the first week. First starting with something I wasn’t a huge fan of, the assignment bank prompts/ it as a whole. I felt that the prompts didn’t really appeal to me, or they were a lot of work and something I didn’t even know how to do. If they appealed to more things I was interested in and were easier and not a hard task then I think I would enjoy them more. Something I learned this week which sounds kind of crazy considering my generation is a pro of social media, is how to use twitter and how to navigate around it. I have twitter but only used it to promote senior assassin since I was in charge of it. I rarely check it and don’t really know how to use it or what to use it for. I will admit it was kind of embarrassing having to ask my friends how to get to a certain post, etc, etc. I do feel more comfortable with the app though, so as the daily assignments go on I hope to learn more about it. With completing the daily creates I did learn more about twitter but also was able to get more creative with my ideas as the assignments weren’t always common tasks. Pertaining to the 80’s theme, I learned more about the style of an 80’s themed room when I had to make a pinterest board. I liked the vibrant colors and the neon signs and posters included.

To see the work I created this week:

Twitter: ymartine4 or look for the “Assignment Bank” posts on my blog