80’s Photography


The aspects of photography that I saw in this picture were the use of lighting, the sun beams in the background which didn’t negatively affect the picture as you can still see the details and the crowd in the background. With the foreground/background aspect I see the singer as the main objective in the foreground, the main item in the picture and the focal point. In the background you see the crowd, not clearly enough to see their faces but the thousands gathered. They dont looked cluttered or distracting, but are important to the picture and sets the scene. The photographer also does a good job at paying attention to the moment. They captured a perfect action shot, as if they were waiting for the singer to hit the perfect note or the dance move. The way these points impact the aspect of the image is by giving it more detail but also making the photo intense and really capturing the essence of a picture being worth so many words. I like how photographer captured an action shot, I can almost picture what it would be like to be in the audience and in the moment. Using these aspects in the photograph allow for a better and more accurate feeling and representation of the moment.

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