Assignment Bank- #2

The assignment I chose for my second one was under the writing section and it was created by Jim Groom, it was to write a movie review and you can use pictures and GIF’s to describe it, would I give it a thumbs up or down, ratings, etc. Sticking to the 80’s theme I decided to pick a movie from the 80’s and review it.

Movie Review for The Goonies:

The Goonies is a fun filled, family appropriate, adventure, semi-thriller movie. After watching the movie several times I would say that this is one I could continuously watch and still find entertaining and funny. Directed by the wonderful and famous Steven Spielberg, this movie is nothing less than an adventure. Featuring younger children and teenagers it appeals to a middle school through adulthood based viewer. The children who label themselves as the “Goonies” find themselves discovering the long held town secret, looking for pirates buried gold. What they didn’t estimate was the way they were going to come about this journey and what it would take them through, and who would be joining them. After being gone for a day or so their parents start to worry about them, and for a good reason. An underground adventure with traps, criminals chasing them, lost golds and treasures leads to a bond between these kids. Overall I would recommend this movie for children or teens but I would say it is appropriate for a family movie night as well. It is funny, thrilling, but also cute.

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