Ds106 Radio

Tonight I tuned into the Ds106 to listen in and I was truly shocked and in awe of what I heard. Jad Abumrad was right when he said that just with sounds and descriptions someone can paint a vivid picture in your mind. When listening about the encounters in the wild and all of the beautiful things he saw but also the way we heard it as well with the sounds of glaciers and birds, nature is beautiful and hearing it is just a whole different level. The story was good, I’ve never heard a story like this kind before, I’ve listened to podcasts but never a storytelling radio station and I liked the hiphop before too haha. I was able to tweet throughout the story and looking back on it and the ones from my classmates as well we were all just starstruck by the sounds. I was expecting to just have someone talking to me and telling me a story but really like Jad Abumrad said, the storyteller was able to make it seem like there was a circle of people and we were all just sitting and listening to him. I would recommend this experience to everybody and am excited to listen to more and maybe even make my own in the future. I think that storytelling is sometimes overlooked and its crazy how descriptions and sounds can paint such a good image in your head and create a whole narrative from not even looking at a movie or picture.

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