Final Project Outline

Overview: For the final project I wanted to focus on the theme of pandemics as this is what we are living through now. I feel that this theme can not only be relevant to times right now but also may relate to some other people and will be a project to look back on as it will have realistic day to day situations.

The basis for this story is the life of a teenage girl living through a pandemic. Starting from her life before it I will draw in the element of pictures and posters, visual representations of life before the pandemic. This will be displayed on the Instagram I created for the class and have already set up which is: pandemic Instagram.

I will then document her life through it and what it is like not only day to day, but how she is feeling and what her family is experiencing. This will either be through audios or videos in which for audios I will be using audacity and videos I will be recording on my phone and using movie maker on my computer to edit them. I will embed the audacity recordings to sound cloud and the video recordings to vimeo.

To end the pandemic series I will move the story to the blog and write as the person either at the end of the year reflecting on what just happened or looking back on it from a couple months after everything is finished.

Timeline of Events

Instagram / Photos:

  • Before the pandemic, having fun with friends, activities, daily life, family, birthdays, etc
  • Months 1 and 2 of the pandemic when things have not gotten rough yet, things are still new and people are unaware of what things will turn into
  • Life under “quarantine” but not under a lockdown

Video/Audio Recording

  • Depending on what platform I upload it to this will differ slightly
  • Monthly updates on what is happening
  • How things are starting to get worse globally
  • Slowly downhill but then accelerates, people around the neighborhood start getting sick
  • Mental health updates and well being
  • How they are coping with supplies and food, people in the family start to lose jobs, economy is going downhill, all around panic starts outside

Writing/Blog portion of it

  • Either going to be the last couple months so 10-12 or 10-14 and reflecting upon things after
  • Two scenarios I have thought to play out, family members in the household start to get sick and pass away including the person telling the story and she gets sick and either is recounting her last days or how she is feeling through all of this and the vulnerability
  • The world around them is crashing and its become an apocalyptic state, people are breaking into homes to steal supplies, America is in a free for all and you are trying to maintain safe and healthy
  • Second scenario is the family members start to die in the household and the person who is telling the story either gets sick or is living in bad conditions because everyone around her is sick and dying, supplies are running low worldwide and panic is starting to set in, but the day after her mother and grandparents die, a vaccine is created. She writes all of this as it happens in the last months and then comes back a month later and writes what life is like then, how the economy is trying to build itself back up and businesses are opening, the world is starting again with the loss of a million people, you notice that certain people are missing from jobs like that one cashier, the mailman, a couple professors, many celebrities, the person who greeted you at the lobby of your friends apartment, etc, etc

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