Final Project Summary

The final exam was very open ended which was a hard concept for me. Usually I do best when everything is laid out and I have specific requirements to meet, I’m also not very creative so the idea daunted on me for a while. I thought about it and after hearing from friends and talking to Professor Bond, I felt it was best to go through the route of a pandemic. As listed before in my post last week outlining things, I stuck with the route of starting things on instagram, then recorded and audio story and finished things out on the blog. This project felt very realistic, as I was telling the story of my life in the beginning and looking back at old memories and photos of how things were before the virus and lockdown. The plot to the story thickens when things turn apocalyptic but by the way things are doing right now, it feels like the rest of the year could look like this. I spent a lot of time thinking of ways to make it realistic and what details to add but also making it a story and what did I really see for the future. I also think this helped me get out worries and feelings I truly have about the virus and our futures while utilizing different platforms throughout it all.


I had created a pandemic instagram for this all which i called my “pandemic instagram” and there is where I posted my “life” before the virus and what it looked like in the beginning. This touched on my photo skills and trying to get not only realistic ones but ones that would go with the story line and explain everyday life before it, but also the captions I added.


I knew part of the final I wanted to complete using audio. I really enjoyed creating the radio show and feel that throughout the course I have gotten a lot better at editing through audacity and was able to complete 17 minutes of audio and put them all together with ease. This is something I struggled with in the beginning but now I accounted for around 5 months of lock down and what turned into a semi apocalyptic pandemic.

Blog Posts

The final portion of my pandemic story I told through a series of blog posts which were easy to manage and after reading them you will understand why this is the route I chose to end things on.

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