Moon Graffiti

After listening to Moon Graffiti created by The Truth Podcast I am even more on board but also kind of amazed and creeped out by these radio stories. From the beginning you get a good sense of the setting because of the voice effect, they are talking over a radio and you can hear that in the voices. Also hearing what space would sound like and the eerie yet emptiness of the space is captured through sounds. As Neil and Buzz are accessing the situation you really feel like you are watching a movie. You can tell what they are doing because of their words and descriptions of what they are doing but also the sounds, them opening the door and stepping out to access the moon but put the flag in, the flash of the camera when they take pictures. Sound drives stories by adding to the scene, you can already picture what is happening but hearing familiar sounds adds to it. Listening to the tone of their voice and hearing the emotions that they are expressing intensifies the audio and creates the proud but upsetting atmosphere, as they say their final words, make their death plans, leave their footprints behind, and say their goodbyes. Like Jad Abumrad said, the storyteller was able to make it seem like there was a circle of people and we were all just sitting and listening to him. The tone in their voice and their descriptions of what they see and their actions paints a vivid picture for the audience.

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