The electricity bill got cut off, I couldn’t update anything for the past basically two months as we’re at the end of November. Things have changed, almost gotten better. I haven’t said that in months and its scary to even think about how everything is going to recover from this. The vaccine got to America but that didn’t stop everyone who was hungry and desperate from continuing to break into homes and kill for food. The government has started to administer the vaccines to the top 10% of Americans, the wealthiest. They’re making plans now and have labs going in every state to get on this as fast as possible. I hear theyre thinking of sending someone door to door to administer it. They say not eveyrone’s body is going to react to it the best and we have to wait and see how it takes it, but this is the only cure now and if this works for the majority of the population like it did in Spain, this is the best that its going to get. Hospitals are closed and supplies are drained so if our bodies reject it we have to try to cure ourselves at home and hope for the best. Hearing this warning that death can come from a vaccine and theres nothing that can be done about it is scary and were all going to have to hope and put our lives on the line. They also said once state has fully administered the vaccine then stores can start to open up.

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