September update

I had to stop recording audios, things got really bad and we were hiding in the basement at one point, so I had to stay quiet. We have almost nothing left to eat. We had to make our own funeral arrangements for my mother and out of respect for her and myself looking back on this in the future, I don’t even want to talk about what we did. Things got bad this month and it was basically every man for himself. You can’t depend on the military or government for your protection anymore. They tried to stop the riots but they weren’t being fed and were underpaid as well, they started turning on everyone else too and the military has been disbanded. I haven’t seen the sun in a month. My grandparents health is declining and I don’t know what more is left to do. I’m scared for my life right now and the worst part is, I have to be strong for everyone. I can’t even grieve my moms death or try to make things better for my family because staying safe is our main concern. I don’t even know if my uncle is still alive or if the rest of my family is. The streets look like a war zone, every car and home broken into. The grocery store windows smashed and bodies everywhere. We started our own war against our own people and theres nothing more to do. Hospitals are shutting down one by one, and cities like New York and L.A. are empty, everyone fled or they took their chances of staying there and trying to survive for their life. There’s been no news updates, we’ve only heard presidential meetings from an old radio. They say a scientist in Spain has found the vaccine and now its a race to get the information and supplies needed to recreate it. They don’t have a plan on how this is to be administered to everyone or who’s going to get it first. It’s all still a waiting game.

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