Sound effects

The second assignment bank prompt I chose was “Sound effects” which asks you to upload your own sound to Preferably one that hasn’t been done before. This one was challenging because I really had to think of an uncommon sound which took me a while. Every sound I thought of I would look up and find it. I thought maybe something on your phone like a sound specific to an app wouldn’t have been done and then I decided to do a facetime call. No one had done this before so it was perfect. This is the sound you hear when you are facetiming someone and waiting for them to answer. I uploaded my sound to and am waiting approval. It is called “facetime”. For now you can listen to my sound on soundcloud. I made the sound using audacity and recording it wasn’t hard. It was just hard finding the mic and I tried several times because it would either be too loud and muffly or too far away.

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