Weekly Summary

This week was very different then the others because it was all audio based which I have never had experienced for a class this much before. Previously to this week I had used audacity before only a couple times, so this week was a lot of learning about how to use it. I feel like I am now more educated and way more proficient with using audacity. I did this by using my prior knowledge on it and looking up youtube videos and googling my issues because I didn’t want to make a trip to the DKC for this. I now feel more comfortable using audacity going forward. This also goes for soundcloud. I never really used it but was familiar with what it is and it was very easy to use to my surprise so I think I am good with using it from now on and its so easy that I really like it.

Now a big focus of this week was the stories we listened to in audio form. I have never done this before and it was an interesting and eyeopening experience. It was very new to me and I am a big movie person so I’m just used to watching films and the sounds just add to the pictures. Listening to only audio and not having anything to look at really made me rely on the sounds and images they provoked. I liked it and found it amazing that someone’s sounds and descriptions could paint such a vivid picture in my mind and didn’t make me think like oh I should just be watching a movie instead. I liked the Moon Graffiti audio because it’s a made up event but hearing the tone in their voices really made it realistic and gave me chills. Same with the ds106 radio I think its so cool that we even have something like this and that our own creations could be part of this.

All of my assignments for the week are on my soundcloud and twitter which I have linked below! I really liked the audio assignment of creating an everyday sound in no more than 90 seconds. I used freesound.org a lot this week to get the free sounds and it was very easy to use. Hope yall like my creations!



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