Weekly Summary

This week was very relaxed with the assignments which made me feel like I could have more fun with them.

The first mashup assignment I created was the animoji Karaoke. Both of my mashup assignments for the week had to do with emojis which I am similar with and can easily do from my iPhone. The first one was to make an animoji sing to a certain song which I detailed the instructions on my blog as to how to do it. Fairly easy. http://ds106.yulemimartinez.com/blog/uncategorized/animoji-karaoke/

The second assignment was comparing a friends face to an emoji which I thought was a really cute assignment because it was my baby cousin. http://ds106.yulemimartinez.com/blog/uncategorized/emoji-friends/

Here are my two mashup assignments for the week which had to do both with pets. I’m seeing a constant theme here.

Finally here are my daily creates for the week

This one I thought was important because this is exactly who we need to be keeping in mind and as I am quarantining with my grandparents I am extra cautious myself.

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